EcoClear RatX Throw Packs, 144pc Bulk


  • $219.00

For hard-to-reach areas like rat or mouse burrows, trust easy-to-use RatX® Throw Packs. Just throw them where you need them… without ever having to touch the bait.

RatX® Throw Packs contain a measured dose of RatX® pellets, effective for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control that’s safe for use around pets, children, livestock, and predators with no risk of secondary kill. The bag is made of biodegradable and compostable cellophane—easy for rats and mice to chew through, and safe for the environment as well.

Non-toxic to humans and non-rodent animals, poison-free RatX® Throw Packs kill rats and mice with negligible odor by blocking thirst signals so pests dehydrate and die. And with RatX® Throw Packs, you don’t even have to see your targets… just toss a Throw Pack where there’s evidence of rats or mice and let RatX® do the rest.

Bulk case contains 144 packs of RatX.

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