Hoover Steam Cleaner Drive Scrub Brush 42-3800-57

Hoover Steam Cleaner Drive Scrub Brush 42-3800-57


  • $2.75

Hoover Steam Cleaner Drive Brush, 2 1/2" Round Drive Brush With Square Peg On Top Of The Brush (regular brushes sold separately item)

Works With: F5520 F5805 F5806 F5806 F5807 F5807-060 F5808 F5809 F5810 F5815 F5817 F5821 F5822 F5824-900 F5825 F5826-900 F5827 F5831-900 F5832-900 F5833-900 F5835-900 F5837-900 F5837-960 F5839-900 F5841-9RM F5842-900 F5843-900 F5851 F5853-900 F5855 F5857-900 F5858-900F5858-910F5858-920 F5859 F5860-900 F5860-990 F5861-900 F5861-990 F5862-900 F5863-900 F5863-990 F5864-900 F5865-900 F5866-900 F5867-900 F5868-900 F5869-900 F5869-960 F5869-990 F5870-900 F5871-900 F5872-900 F5873-900 F5874-900 F5875-900 F5876-900 F5877-900 F5878-900 F5879-900 F5880-900 F5881-900 F5881-990 F5882-900 F5883-900 F5883-960 F5883-990 F5884-900 F5884-980 F5886-900 F5887-900 F5887-910 F5887-920F5887-990 F5888-900 F5891-900 F5892-900 F5892-950 F5893-900 F5893-910 F5894-900 F5895-900 F5896-950 F5897-900 F5898-900 F5899-900 F5899-910 F5900-900 F5903-900 F5904-900 F5905-900 F5906-900 F5907-900 F5909-900 F5910-900 F5912-900 F5914-900 F5915-900 F6018-900 F6019-900 F6020-900 F6020-910 F6020-920 F6020-990 F6021-900 F6022-900 F6023-900 F6024-900 F6024-960 F6025-900 F6026-900 F6027-980 F6028-900 F6030-900 F6039-900 F6040-900 F6055-900 F6056-900 F6205-900 F6207-900 F6210-900 F6211-900 F6212-900 F6213-900 F6215-900 F6215-910 Fits F5000 and F6000 Series Hoover 42-3802-51 

Fits Models: F5520, F5805, F5806, F5806, F5807, F5807-060, F5808, F5809, F5810, ,F5815, F5817, F5821, F5822, F5824-900, F5825, F5826-900, F5827, F5831-900, F5832-900, F5833-900, F5835-900, F5837-900, F5837-960, F5839-900, F5841-9RM, F5842-900, F5843-900, F5851, F5853-900, F5855, F5857-900, F5858-900,F5858-910,F5858-920, F5859, F5860-900, F5860-990, F5861-900, F5861-990, F5862-900, F5863-900, F5863-990, F5864-900, F5865-900, F5866-900, F5867-900, F5868-900, F5869-900, F5869-960, F5869-990, F5870-900, F5871-900, F5872-900, F5873-900, F5874-900, F5875-900, F5876-900, F5877-900

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